Arzillieres, France

Louis XIV MapArzillieres-Neuville is in the Department of Marne, in the region of Champagne-Ardenne, about 10km south of Vitry-le-Francois, mentioned in Leon Bonvallet’s history, and about 200km east of Paris.  In 1973, Arzillieres merged with Neuville-sous-Arzillieres.  The map above is from the time of Louis XIV.

The town had 300-400 people in the 19th century.  The population dropped below 300 in the 20th century, but now is around 360.

Here is the link to the town’s web page:

Below is a modern map that also shows Bulles, where P.A.’s grandfather Pierre was born.

Arzillieres mapLeon’s history states that  “The most remote forebear to our knowledge lived shortly previous to the French Revolution and held the honored job of King’s surveyor.”  This was  in fact Charles Francois Bonvallet, great-grandfather to P.A., who platted the town of Neuville-sous-Arzillieres, now part of Arzilliers-Neuville, in July 1776.  Below is his plat with his legend.

Plat of Arzillieres Plat Explanation