P.A.Bonvallet’s Family In France

flagThis tree shows all known members of P.A. Bonvallet’s family in France.  Double click the tree to enlarge it.  P.A. is in the first column, eighteenth person down.   Some observations:

  • Leon’s history states that P.A. was born “near Vitry-le-Francois”.  Arzillieres is about 10km south of Vitry-le-Francois.  Since P.A. was born, Arzillieres has merged with Neuville to become Arzillieres-Neuville.  See the tab Arzillieres for more information about the town.
  • In addition to his brother Charles, mentioned in Leon’s family history, P.A. had another brother Augustin.
  • P.A.’s father Charles was one of seven children of Pierre Bonvallet and Marie-Jeanne Fautriat.  This gave P.A. 16 cousins, all living in the same town of only 400 people.
  • P.A.’s grandfather Pierre was one of five children, only the youngest of whom was born in Arzillieres.  The others were born in Bulles, Department of Oise, which is about 100km north of Paris.  Arzillieres, Department of Marne, is about 190 km east of Paris.  Arzillieres and Oise are about 240 km apart.
  • Pierre’s father Charles was born in Drosnay, Marne, about 11km from Arzillieres.  He moved to Bulles, where four of his children were born, then to Arzillieres, where his fifth child was born.

Descendants of Charles Bonvallet